A Cozy Christmas - 8 Places to Indulge in Festive Dining
Century Square & Tampines 1
2020 has been quite an extraordinary year for most of us - due to safe distancing measures, going out in large groups isn’t possible for now as we’re limited to gatherings of five. While this may sound like you can’t have a huge festive party with your whole squad, celebrating in small groups has its perks, too - it becomes a more intimate affair as everyone can interact with each other. 
So, gather your friends, and check out these places in Century Square & Tampines 1!

Century Square

1) Kenny Rogers Roasters (#02-20/27)

For the festive season, Kenny Rogers Roasters offers the hearty Garlic Butter Family Meal ($47.90). Featuring a mouthwatering and fall-off-the-bone tender roast chicken, the meal comes with sides, drinks and banana muffins, which are a Christmas special. Included is a generous helping of their garlic butter sauce with which you can drizzle all over the chicken should you so choose. 
You can add on banana muffins if you can’t get enough of them for $1.80 a piece.
Kenny Rogers Roasters is halal-certified.
2) Mediumrare by Saveur (#01-35)

Clockwise from top: Sakura Pork Rack, Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Creamed Spinach, Australian Wagyu Striploin, Angus Prime Rib
At Mediumrare by Saveur, make sure you go hungry, because their Christmas specials are a veritable feast. Choose from their 1.3kg Angus Prime rib ($165++) or 1.2kg Sakura Pork Rack ($118++) for sharing. Both sets come with a side of Creamed Spinach and Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. 
Alternatively, if you want individual portions instead of a shared platter, consider their Australian Wagyu Striploin 250gm with a choice of 2 sides ($58++). You can also opt for additional servings of their Creamed Spinach or Brussels Sprouts with Bacon at $10++ each.
3) The MeatHouse by Eighteen Chefs (#05-04)

Like the name implies, The MeatHouse is all about meat. For sharing, check out their OP ribs ($10/100gm), which comes with four different dipping sauces for you to mix up the flavours - or get their Tomahawk steak ($12/100gm). As a bonus, every order of either the OP Ribs or Tomahawk steak gets you complimentary Truffle Fries, Josper Grilled Honey Chicken Drumlets and Funky Salad - perfect for feeding everyone.
The MeatHouse is halal-certified.
4) Ichiban Boshi (#02-17/18/29)

Ichiban Boshi never fails to disappoint with their creative festive specials. This year, they are offering two sets for the season - Spicy Chicken Sugiita-yaki Gozen set ($27.90++), and Rosemary Nitzuke Maguro Steak Gozen ($23.90++). 
The Spicy Chicken Sugiita-yaki Gozen set features a chicken steak with a spicy marinade, scallop and salmon sashimi drizzled with truffle oil, meat-free Quorn wantons and a mini rice bowl with salmon flakes and roe.
The Rosemary Nitzuke Maguro Steak Gozen comes with a tuna steak and vegetables, pork skewers, chicken meatballs, noodles served with Quorn balls and a poached egg. Both sets come with a side salad, chawanmushi, miso soup and kanten fruit jelly.

Tampines 1

1) Fish & Co. (#04-11)

For those who just want to be absolutely spoiled by variety, head over to Fish & Co. for their Magical Christmas Feast Bundle ($79.90++). Dive into a broth pot filled with a variety of fresh seafood such as prawns, scallops, mussels and clams atop fragrant rice, which is then covered with a generous amount of melty cheese and ebiko before being baked to perfection. 
The bundle also includes crispy battered whitebait, pizza with 4 different toppings to choose from (Mediterranean, Peri-Peri Chicken, Buffalo Seafood, Mushroom Cream) and 6 drumlets in a flavour of your choice: Harissa, Peri-Peri, Cajun, Buffalo and Mushroom Cream.
Fish & Co. is halal-certified.
2) iSteaks (#04-04/05)

Clockwise from top: Capped Loin of Lamb 250g, Baked Potato, Porterhouse 800g, Onion Rings, NZ Silver Fern Reserve Ribeye 450g 
As the name suggests, iSteaks specializes in good quality steaks at affordable prices. If you and your companions are feeling particularly carnivorous, the menu at iSteaks will satisfy you for sure. 
For die-hard beef lovers, get the Porterhouse to share ($75 for 800g) - made with Australian pasture-raised beef and grilled to juicy perfection. If that seems a little too intimidating, you can go for something smaller like the NZ Silver Fern Reserve Ribeye ($40.50 for 450g). Not in the mood for beef? iSteaks has other offerings as well such as pork, seafood and lamb ($35 for 250g capped loin).
3) GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet (#03-16A)

As the weather gets colder and rainier during the end of the year, we start craving for warm, soupy foods. One of these foods that is evergreen with locals is steamboat, and GoroGoro puts a Korean twist on this beloved dish.
Alongside the assorted steamboat fare such as thinly sliced meats, noodles, and vegetables, GoroGoro also offers Korean cooked food such as Japchae, Tteokbokki, Korean Pancakes and their signature Fried Chicken Wings, which are glazed with a sweet and spicy sauce that will no doubt whet your appetite. All of these are included in the buffet, which is only $16.90++ during lunch on weekdays, and $26.90++ during dinner. 
4) Monster Curry (#01-08/09/10)

When you think of Monster Curry, what comes to mind is likely to be huge plates piled high with rice, their signature demi-glace style curry sauce, and generous portions of pork katsu, fried fish, tempura, or cheese.
But Monster Curry has other delectable treats; their honey toasts ($10.80++), for example, which makes a great way to end off a meal. Each cube is a perfect mouthful of crispy sweetness complimented by the creaminess of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Keep an eye out for their Christmas special honey toast coming soon in December!
With all these delicious offers and platters available at Century Square & Tampines 1, you’re sure to find something that you and your squad can indulge in this festive season!
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