Where To Get Food For Your Next Party
Century Square and Tampines 1
Planning a Christmas party this year? As every party-thrower worth their salt knows, to have a good time, you need good company, and good food, the latter of which is arguably one of the best parts of going to a party. Or maybe you’ve been invited to a potluck party, and need ideas on what to bring that will impress the other guests.
As of now, gatherings are still limited to a maximum of five individuals as Singapore has not entered Phase 3 yet, so do take note when organizing!
In this article, we look at the delicious options available for takeaway at Century Square & Tampines 1! 

The Main Course

Every party needs some centrepieces for the dining table, and a Christmas get-together is no exception.

A quintessential part of any Christmas party, a good roast turkey is hard to beat - especially when combined with mashed or roasted potatoes, and rich, brown gravy. As a bonus, you can keep the leftovers and turn them into a turkey sandwich or turkey noodle soup the day after. 
Cold Storage (Tampines 1, #B1-01/02) offers several varieties of roasted turkey with various rubs and flavours, and accompaniments such as the traditional brown gravy and cranberry sauce to go with it. If a whole turkey is too much for you, they also have just the breast meat, or smoked drumsticks.
For the classic turkey, Prime Food & Grocer (Century Square, #B1-07) offers the Traditional Roast Turkey ($55) that comes with chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce, and is also packed in a cooler bag for your convenience.
For those whose palettes veer towards local food, Souperstar (Century Square, #01-34) offers the humble popiah with a twist. Popiah comes with a variety of different fillings - from the good old traditional turnip filling to more modern flavours like Sweet Thai Chicken, Sesame Chicken and Seafood Wasabi Mayo. 
Their Souper Combos (from $11) pair their signature popiah with a soup of your choice - choose from classics like cream of mushroom, clam chowder or classic french onion. Each combo also comes with a drink of your choice!

For Sharing

While we need a main dish for the party, one can’t forget about the finger food - perfect bite-sized morsels to munch on while playing some party games or mingling with people you haven’t seen in a while.

As far as finger food is concerned, you can’t go wrong with fries and fried chicken. Potato Corner (Tampines 1, #B1-K16) is known for some of the best flavoured fries ever. With over seven flavours to choose from, these are perfect for sharing in a party, especially if you get their largest family sized bucket, the Tera size. You can get popcorn chicken to go along with their fries, also seasoned with the flavouring of your choice. 
For a slightly more substantial chicken experience, check out the BBQ Chicken Steak and Braised Chicken Rice from I Love Taimei (Tampines 1, #B1-K2) - don’t forget to pick up a side of Tofu Fries with a flavoured sprinkle of your choice too!
Tip Top Curry Puff (Century Square, #01-38) adds a festive twist to their puffs with the introduction of the Winter Wonderland Christmas Box. Choose any 6 puffs, and get a 10% discount off the normal price! You can choose from the following: 
  • Chicken ‘Pie’ Puff ($2.50)
  • Apple Puff ($2)
  • Cheesy Impossible™ Puff ($3)
  • Sardine Puff ($1.60)
  • Rendang Impossible Puff ($2.20)
  • Chicken Rendang Puff ($1.80)
  • Chicken Curry Puff ($1.60) 
  • Beef Rendang Puff ($2)
They’ve also brought back their Chempedak Bombs (6pcs for $4.50) by popular demand!
And last, but not least - every potluck party should have sushi as one of the staples, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with Maki-San (B1-26). You have the option of choosing either one of their House Maki specials, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can DIY your own sushi rolls and watch it get made on the spot!
If you’re looking for more traditional sushi options, such as nigiri, look no further than Kuriya Japanese Market (Tampines 1, #B1-07) and Ichiban Boshi (Century Square, #02-17/18/29). The Snowman Sushi Party Box ($25.80) and Santa Claus Sushi Party Box ($28.80) are great for grab-and-go, featuring an assortment of adorably shaped sushi adorned with festive motifs.
For meat lovers, Beef Bro (B1-38) is here to sate your cravings. They specialize in juicy cubes of quality beef, expertly blowtorched to give it a smoky flavour. They offer various toppings to go on top of their beef, such as Mentaiko ($14.90) and Mala ($14.90).

Sweet Treats

At the end of every meal, no matter how full you might find yourself to be, somehow there is always going to be room for dessert - and being Christmas, that means that there’s plenty of sweet treats to indulge in!
Top (Left to right): Truffle Yule Log, Christmas Forest Cake
Bottom (Left to right): Sweet Peach Earl Grey Log Cake, Chocolate Log House, Christmas Gingerbread Loaf Cakes
Chocoholics, rejoice! Awfully Chocolate’s (Tampines 1, #03-21) Christmas Forest Cake (8 inches, $118) is deliciously moist rum-tinged dark chocolate cake with layers of handmade cherry compote. A truly classic combination of flavours, sure to please any chocolate lover.
For something that’s a little lighter, or if you’re not quite into chocolate, The Pine Garden’s (Century Square, #B1-33)
Sweet Peach Earl Grey Log Cake ($58.30) is a delicate and refreshing treat. Combining the refreshing flavour of peach iced tea with the bold, slightly-citrusy touch of Earl Grey tea, this cake perks you right up.
PrimaDeli (Century Square, #B1-24) brings back its bestseller Truffle Yule Log (1kg for $55.80) - a decadent chocolate sponge cake filled with rich chocolate truffle cream. This one is a crowd-pleaser with it’s comforting taste.
At eCreative Cakes (Century Square, #B1-34), you can find Christmas cakes in various adorable shapes. The Chocolate Log House (from $85.60) is shaped like a little log cabin and is made of soft, fluffy chocolate sponge, filled with fresh chocolate cream and then coated with chocolate mousse.
For something that’s less sinful but still sweet, O’brew Culture (Tampines 1, #02-K2) has high protein Christmas Gingerbread Loaf Cakes ($45). They’re available in two varieties - Chocolate Walnut, and Decadent Brownie. Made with no added sugar and fat, they’re paleo-approved and preservative free.
Chateraise (Tampines 1, #01-60/61) is also accepting preorders for their famous fresh cream cakes, so don’t wait and hurry down to get one!


What’s a party without something to drink? You don’t want to go thirsty, especially when indulging in all that decadent and rich food.

Colobaba (Century Square, #01-37) uses a blend of fresh fruits and premium Taiwanese tea leaves to create their colourful drinks - not only do they look great, they also taste great! They have a wide variety of flavours to choose from as well, and you can even have cheese foam in some of your favourite flavour combinations.
While getting your fried chicken and snack fix at I Love Taimei (Tampines 1, #B1-K2), kill two birds with one stone and get some of their drinks to go as well! They have bubble tea, as well as fruit-based drinks for when you want something refreshing.
Need some coffee to wash things down? What about Dalgona coffee? It’s made by whipping equal proportions of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes creamy before adding it to milk. O’brew Culture (Tampines 1, #02-K2) has DIY Dalgona Kits ($7.50 per kit) so you can make Dalgona drinks like a pro at home, and it comes in four delicious flavours: Coffee, Chocolate, Matcha, and Rose Milk.
And of course, who can forget the wine? At Bottles & Bottles (Tampines 1, #B1-28), you’ll find a wide selection of fine vintages that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Duchessa Lia Dolcetto D'Alba 2017/2018 ($27) is full bodied red wine with an intense deep hue that turns garnet with age, and is reminiscent of fruits, violet and spices. If you prefer bubblies, try the La Vieille Ferme Reserve Brut Sparkling ($35), a delicate floral white wine with notes of peach and brioche.

Every great party needs great entertainment, so check out our party game ideas that you can easily DIY at home with basic supplies. Even if you’re not planning a party at home, there’s plenty of great eats to be had. Check out our articles on where to eat this festive season!